This wiki was created as a project for the NEH Summer Institute Thomas Jefferson: Personality, Character, and Public Life.

Rationale: The purpose of creating this wiki is to meet the state standards that indicate students should be familiar with important American documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom in addition to the early history of the United States. As a high school media specialist, I also wanted a project that emphasized primary documents and using technology to organize, access, and create information.

Audience: This wiki is intended for use by high school students. It can be used as a supplement to the classroom teaching or as a resource for researching the concepts presented.

The students will be able to...
  • identify Thomas Jefferson and his contributions to the United States.
  • relate the concepts presented in the Declaration of Independence and freedom of religion to their lives.
  • conceptualize the impact of the election of 1800 and its ramifications.

All required materials have links provided. To use this wiki, a teacher will need to create a free account with Wikispaces. Once that is done, teachers may click on "join" in the upper-right corner. That will allow teachers to edit the page. Please make sure that any edits observe all copyright laws.