1776 (Restored Director's Cut) directed by Peter H. Hunt
DVD. Culver City, CA: Columbia Pictures, 2002.
2 hr. 46 min.
Based on the Broadway musical, 1776 tells the story of the writing and signing of the Declaration of Independence as a musical comedy.

Review: "A wonderfully happy meeting of our distinct American history with that peculiarly American dramatic fourm: the musial comedy." - Wall Street Journal

Africans in America: Brotherly Love (1791-1831) directed by Noland Walker and Jacquie Jones
DVD. Boston: WGBH, 1998.
1 hr. 25 min. $19.95

This program examines the first forty years of the new nation, primarily through the fortunes of Philadelphia's free blacks. However, it also examines the contradiction of Thomas Jefferson's wrting "All men are created equal" while also being a slave owner. Also covered is his response toe the 1791 Haitian Revolution.and the selling of most of his slaves to cover his debts when he died.

Review: "The best and most easily digested lesson in slavery many viewers are likely to get." - Newsweek

Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery by Ken Burns
DVD. Alexandria, VA: PBS Home Video, 1997.
3 hr. 34 min.$24.99

Thomas Jefferson conceived a plan to explore the uncharted territory along the Missouri River and find the Northwest Passage. He assigned his personal secretary Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to carry out the expedition. The expedition would map the area, collect specimens, and make contact with the Native American nations.

Review: "Another reliably well-crafted, generally engrossing documentary from Ken Burns, Lewis & Clark employs the director's now-familiar approach to his subjects, from its elegant juxtaposition of period illustrations and portraits against newly filmed footage of historic sites to Burns's repertory of accomplished actors to provide gravitas for quotes from the key figures." - Sam Sutherland, Amazon Editorial Reviews

The Louisiana Purchase by Edward Hermann
DVD. New York: A & E Home Video, 2003.
51 min.
This video originally shown on the History Channel looks at the causes and effects of the Louisiana Purchase. The deal with France almost doubled the United States when it was completed in 1803. The documentary makes use of letters and diaries from such figures as Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon, James Madison, and Talleyrand.

Review: "The Louisiana Purchase is one of the most significant events of the US history and it is delightful to learn it from this DVD."- I. Chiang, customer review

Thomas Jefferson directed by Ken Burns
DVD. Alexandria, VA: PBS Home
Video, 1997.
3 hrs. $24.99
Ken Burns examines the life and legacy of Thomas Jefferson through the extensive use of primary sources, period music and art, and documents.

Review: "This film (which covers Jefferson's entire life, including his two terms as the young country's president and his later years in Virginia) doesn't sidestep controversy but provides a balanced account of one of the most fascinating of all Americans". -Robert J. McNamara, Amazon Editorial Review

Thomas Jefferson: A View from the Mountain. by Martin Doblmeier
DVD. Orland Park, IL: First Run Features, 2004.

1 hr. 54 min. $18.71
This movie examines the life of Thomas Jefferson by looking at his personal struggles with the issues of the time. This movie also looks at the possible relationship between Jefferson and slave Sally Hemmings. The DVD version also includes an interview with Dr. Gene Foster who conducted DNA analysis to try to definitively prove whether Jefferson fathered Sally’s children.

Review: "Beautifully made... Casts an unblinking eye on Jefferson's often painful, contradictory and shifting views about race and slavery". -Charlottesville Daily Progress

Thomas Jefferson: Philosopher of Freedom directed and produced by Monte Markham and Adam Friedman.
DVD. New York: A & E Home Video, 2004.
50 min. $12.00

Originally aired on A & E Channel as part of the Biography television series, this video looks at the life of Thomas Jefferson in his roles as a statesman, scientist, architect, and President. His vision and contradictions are juxtaposed with the “personality” of the young nation he was helping to form. Special attention is given to why he was chosen to write the Declaration of Independence in spite of his youth and the misgivings he had.

Review: "A&E's Biography Series has produced many wonderful video portraits. Their biography of Thomas Jefferson is no exception. Within the video's 50 minutes, it covers all of the major events and accomplishments of Jefferson's long life (83 years) and gives a look into some of his private life as well." -Scott E. Rosenau, Customer Review

Save Our History: Jefferson’s Other Revolution by Steve Thomas and Virginia Kuppak

DVD. New York: A & E Television Networks, 2006.
45 min. $24.95 MARC

Part of a television series called Save Our History. This episode examines Jefferson’s revolutionary ideas on architecture and efforts to preserve his creations. The program looks at his work at the University of Virginia, his retreat Poplar Forest, and the Virginia State Capitol. Also included are behind-the-scenes glimpses at the restoration work going on at each of the sites.

Review: "This is a nice introduction to Jefferson's major architectural achievements such as Monitcello, Popluar Grove, and the University of Virginia." - Jenny Abbott

United States History Origins to 2000: The American Revolution, Vol. 4 d
irected by Henry Nevison
DVD. Wynnewood, PA: Schlessinger Video, 2003.

56 min. $39.95

The video is a brief overview of the events leading up to and the American Revolution. The video starts with the passing of the Sugar and Currency Acts of 1764 by Parliament to help pay for the Seven Years War. It proceeds to cover Stamp Act and the riots that occurred as a result. Other events such as the Boston Massacre, boycott of British goods, Boston Tea Party, and the subsequent laws passed by Parliament. The crackdown on Boston is given as the reason for forming the Continental Congress and the formation of the Minute Men. It then goes on to explain the importance of “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine and the Declaration of Independence. The video goes on the briefly explain the major battles and battle tactics used. Some discussion is done on the effects of the Revolution on Native Americans, women, and African Americans. The events are depicted using re-enactors and art from the time period. Also includes discussion questions. Intended for grades 5-12.

Reivew: "Made specifically for classroom use, this video is to the point and explains the events and politics in clear, easy to understand language." -Jenny Abbott