Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest.” Corporation for Jefferson’s Poplar Forest
(accessed February 22, 2009) .< >

Poplar Forest was Thomas Jefferson’s retreat. Located 90 miles from Monticello, Jefferson would visit three to four times a year and stay for three to four weeks at a time.

The Thomas Jefferson Papers.” American Memory by the Library of Congress
(accessed February 22, 2009) < >

This site is a collection of essays written by and about Thomas Jefferson. The essays are searchable and some are digitized so people may see how they appeared in their original form.

Thomas Jefferson.” Library of Congress

(accessed February 22, 2009) < >

In 2000, the Library of Congress celebrated the 200th anniversary of Thomas Jefferson’s presidency. To celebrate, the Library of Congress created an exhibition. While the physical exhibit is gone, the website is still a wealth of information. Different sections cover topics such as Monticello, creating the Virginia Republic, Declaration of Independence, the Federal Republic, the West, Revolutionary world, his legacy, and of course, Jefferson’s library.

Monticello.” The Thomas Jefferson Foundation.

(accessed February 22, 2009) < >

This is the official website of Thomas Jefferson’s plantation home, Monticello.

Thomas Jefferson Digital Archive.” University of
Virginia Library.
(accessed February 22, 2009) <>

This is a searchable archive that includes such documents as John P. Foley’s Jeffersonian Cyclopedia (originally published 1900) and a bibliography of writings about Jefferson from 1826 through 1997 created by Frank Shuffleton. There is also a searchable collection of Jefferson’s letters.